Radio broadcast

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I had the good fortune to acquire a previously undiscovered 16 inch radio transcription disc dating from 1943. Huberman plays a movement from a Beethoven sonata in tribute to the Polish Prime Minister General Sikorski who had recently died in a plane crash.

The vinyl record was digitally transferred and remastered to take away a little of the surface noise. It was then converted to a wma file.


Adagio from Sonata no. 6 in A by Beethoven [903k]
    (recorded 1943, Boris Roubakine pf, New York)

This interpretation shows Huberman at his most serious. In order to express the profound nature of the music, his tone is quite austere. Within this framework though, he varies his sound a lot. Listen out for his amazing variety of attacks at the begining of notes.

While not exactly ‘easy listening’, once you have heard this interpretation a few times, any other may begin to seem trite in comparison.

Top photo: New York, blah.
Newspaper: New York Times, 15 Nov 1896.