Brahms festival

This 1934 English magazine article was e-mailed to me by Cheniston K Roland from his “Cheniston K Roland (Violin Historian) Violin Archives.” These two fabulous photographs show Huberman in the company of Schnabel, Casals, and Hindemith.

Although Huberman’s collaboration with Artur Schnabel was brief, Carl Flesch never forgave his friend Schnabel for playing with a violinist he considered so controversial.

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Playing Brahms
in Vienna


These now historic photographs were taken in Vienna when Austria was still a free and independent State, and Vienna one of Europe’s noblest centres of art and science.  This wonderful quartet playing Brahms together are Artur Schnabel, the Austrian pianist, whose home is now in Italy ; Bronislaw Huberman, the Polish violinist, who was appointed director of Vienna’s Violin Master School in 1934, and in whose rooms this quartet met to play ; Paul Hindemith, the German viola-player and composer ; and Pablo Casals the Spanish ‘cellist, conductor and composer


Photographs by Dora Horowitz, Vienna

Artur Schnabel,
 Bronislaw Huberman,  Paul Hindemith,  Pablo Casals

[N.B. Hindemith is standing on the right]